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Compare rich food, especially the calcium of shrimp is abounded quite character, to pregnant woman, eating the food that contains a lot ofcalcium to pledge more is better. Not all nevertheless pregnant woman suits to have shrimp, especially the pregnant woman of prawn allergy. Additionally pregnant woman returns need to notice a few item in the course that takes shrimp, want purify shrimp line for example, do not have dead shrimp, cannot follow the fruit that contains tannic acid to wait with edible.

Pregnant woman eats shrimp to be opposite more fetal

One, can pregnant woman have shrimp?

Can eat. Shrimp contains rich calcium to pledge, as long as it is prawn not allergic pregnant woman is OK and right amount eat more. Pregnant woman began to be about to fill more in April from pregnant calcic, eat the food that contains calcium to abound more, and dried small shrimps and shrimp flesh itself contain very tall calcium, pregnant woman eats shrimp to be able to absorb the nutrient element such as the calcium that body place needs, zinc.

Pregnant woman eats shrimp to be opposite more fetal

2, Pregnant woman eats shrimp to He Yi is in?

Shrimp divides a lot of sort, kinds big divide sea shrimp and fresh water shrimp, no matter which are planted shrimp, its nutrition value special tall, the immune power that can enhance human body, fight premature senility, conduce to Wei of kidney Xu Yang, Wei the cure of the disease such as ache of genu of tired of cold, body, waist. Rich magnesium is contained in shrimp, magnesium has important adjustment to heart activity action, can very good protection cardiovascular system, reduce content of the cholesterol in blood, prevent to move1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Sclerosis of arteries and veins, outspread coronary artery, be helpful for preventing hypertension and cardiac muscle stalk to die.

Pregnant woman is right amount eat shrimp or dried small shrimps more, can fill calcic, filling zinc, the growth of skeleton of stimulative embryo darling reachs the growth of cerebral ministry.

Pregnant woman eats shrimp to be opposite more fetal

3, does pregnant woman eat shrimp what to note there is?

1, the pregnant woman with allergic prawn does not have shrimp

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If pregnant woman eats shrimp hind to produce the whole body scratchy, give nettle rash or palpitate, asthma, or the phenomenon such as bellyacke, diarrhoea, should consider food is allergic, stop edible instantly. Once allergic, the proposal searchs to the doctor is diagnosed and be treated to the hospital instantly.

2, cannot follow the fruit that contains tannic acid to be the same as edible

Another alias of tannic acid makes tannic acid, tannic acid can make protein caky. In waiting for a fruit, grape, pomegranate, hawkthorn, persimmon contains tannic acid, if these fruits follow the shrimp that contains a lot ofprotein, calcium to pledge one case edible, can reduce protein nutrient value not only, and the tannic acid in the fruit can follow calcic ionic couple, form not dissolve sex ties thing, exciting intestines and stomach causes human body unwell, occurrence vomiting, giddy, disgusting wait for a symptom with bellyacke diarrhoea.

3, should purify shrimp line.

Shrimp carries the shrimp line on on the backFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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It is the trash that shrimp did not excrete, if eat to have slimy fishy smell in the mouth, influence appetiteNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, should shift to an earlier date purify. Go the method of shrimp line is very simple: After shrimp is bought, clean first, the long beard of shrimp, and spare part is cut, be in the place of the 2nd knuckle of shrimp, take out shrimp line with toothpick (shrimp bowel) , the shrimp that has handled is cleaned again can.

4, the shrimp of addle metamorphism cannot be fed.

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Rubicundity, body the soft, shrimp that turn around, it is the shrimp with Biedermeier addle even shrimp, cannot eat again.