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Modern is very tall to his figure requirement, want not only thin, have muscle even, for instance a lot of schoolgirls pursue waists-coat line, the schoolboy goes after 8 abdominal muscle, theseShanghai Long Feng forum

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Had become their target, but exercise the effect that needs to pay attention to particular methodological talent to achieve get twice the result with half the effort, otherwise short of effect, still can injure the body, have what training soForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Where is method?

Begin to introduce motion of 3 groups of exercises next, the weapon that these movements can use is a little much, proposal fitness person had better be OK undertake taking exercise in gym, can better finish take exercise.

Medium bundle of flesh training method

The first group takes exercise, side is smooth lift

This side that introduces above all is smooth lift exercise a movement to believe everybody very won’t unfamiliar, the person that has practiced humeral ministry can be familiar with this movement, it is us in bundle one of take exercise efficient movement, very much fitness enthusiast can use it to drill in bundle.

This movement need not use overweight dumbbell to undertake when beginning a practice, him choice is OK and good the dumbbell that control undertakes taking exercise, had made sure those who exercise a movement is accurate, what can let you is medium Shu Youliang’s good hyperaemia.

When the exercise body pose has adjusted, back does not bend, transfer to a lower level of humeral ministry nature, do not adjust painstakingly and cock, the both hands when the exercise is taking dumbbell. Elbow is not gone complete unbend, painstakingly a little bend some.

Good breath rhythm is adjusted when beginning to take exercise, when raising inspiratory, when putting down expiratory, good breathing rhythm can let you maintain in exercising rhythm correctly.

Medium bundle of flesh training method

The 2nd group takes exercise, side of odd side rope is smooth lift

This movement is drillingFall in love with the sea

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Rope pulling force should be used when be used to implement, should have adjusted machine angle above all before the exercise, adjust rope angle some lower, when taking exercise next at the same time the hand can handhold mechanical, another hand should hold grip, body pose has been adjusted, can enter next in taking exercise formally.

When be pulled when the exercise the body does not appear substantially fluctuant, had maintained original pose, it is odd side hand is moving only, dedicated at odd side medium bundle of muscle. Good body of the control in taking exercise sends force, not randomShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Lend strength.

Medium bundle of flesh training method

The 3rd group takes exercise, sitting position side is smooth lift

Went to the 3rd group to take exercise, we should sit to bench to undertake taking exercise, if you feel exhaustion,feel intense at that time, can reduce weight appropriately, can let you so in take exercise won’t optional lend strength, the pose that maintains a level thereby is finished take exercise.

Of the standard it is OK to exercise a pose the promotion of utmost your exercise the effect.

When practicing above all Fu body, both hands is taking dumbbell each, rise slowly next, both hands also follows two side to raise, trigonometry is medium at that time bundle can get good stimulation.

The range that raises when take exercise must reach the designated position, not too low, too low your exciting angle is a mistake, not exorbitant also, achieve and it is good that the shoulder makes the same score neat niche almost.

Exercise an amount: Every movement 3 groups, every groups of 10~12 second.

After taking exercise, returnFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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It is to want much more compensatory and enough nutrition, such you just can let muscle get good growth, the result that just can let take exercise is achieved best.

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