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Article introduction

Spermatozoon is a kind of more important matter in male body, to male fecundity, having very main effect. If spermatozoon is unusual, for instance spermatozoon deformation rate compares tall word, cause symptom of male occurrence barren very easily. So, it is normaller that how many ability the index of abnormal spermatozoon is? Below, introduce the relevant knowledge of abnormal spermatozoon index in detail for everybody!

 Abnormal spermatozoon index how many normal

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One, what is abnormal spermatozoon

Expression of general deformation spermatozoon mutates for the configuration of head, body, end, head deformation has tremendous head, amorphous, dual first class; Body ministry deformation has body department bulky, fold crack, not complete etcFall in love with the sea

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; Caudal deformation has an end, double remaining part, be short of end to wait. Abnormal spermatozoon crosses much disease is to show the male that bearing the age is unbalanced spermatozoon disease makes male barren common one of reasons.

2, the normal limits of spermatozoon shape size

1, the head

The head grows 3.5-5.0 micron, wide 2.0-3.0 micron; Spermatozoon head shows regulation elliptic. The length when spermatozoon head is wide exceed respectively 5 with 3 micron when, call big head; Be less than respectively 3 with 2 micron when, call small head. The spermatozoon head that has clinical sense is unusual, include round vertebra form (long wide be less than respectively 5 with 2 micron) , irregular form, double head, with pear form head. Head of old and weak spermatozoon appears vacuole.

 Abnormal spermatozoon index how many normal

2, body (middle)

Micron of body minister 5-7.0, wide 1 micron. Wide end of droplet of paddle of afterbirth of much report of more than 2 micron degrades completely, its still are waited for to barren influence discuss. If bubble paddle droplet is more than the half of spermatozoon head, meanShanghai night net

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Spermatozoon is immature, belong to unusual.

3, rear

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End grows 45 micron. The rear is curly constant with raise infection of former put oneself in another’s position to concern. Also somebody reports, spermatozoon rear appears curly concern with zincic element. Double end, end ruptures wait for deformation likelihood and without semiotic reproduction system infection is concerned. Accordingly, appear this oneLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The phenomenon can make seminal microbiology inspection.

 Abnormal spermatozoon index how many normal

3, abnormal spermatozoon rate

Abnormal spermatozoon rate is the level with whether healthy spermatozoon of one male of Xiang Heng quantity. In the seminal fluid of normal man, general vigor actors or actress + the spermatozoon scale of fine > 50% , of course, unusual spermatozoon also exists in normal man seminal fluid, general place holds percentage under 30% . If prep above of abnormal spermatozoon percentage calls tall deformation 50% times to lead spermatozoon, can bring about not Yo. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Abnormal spermatozoon leads examining basically is to pass seminal assay examination to reach, if abnormal spermatozoon leads prep above 70% , should undertake chromosome is checked, if have chromosome disease, treat difficulty.