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Article introduction

After some females are pregnant accidentally because do not have a plan to want the child temporarily, the way that can choose abortion normally is stopped gravid, as a result of,be a variety of other reasons, the child cannot want, the kind that carries induced labor comes out darling childbirth, get nevertheless the influence of traditional idea, the baby that great majority comes down abortion often can choose abandon to perhaps be handed in handle by the hospital, fear him processing compares unlucky.

How is the child after stream of people handled?

How is the child after stream of people handled?

1, a lot of normal hospitals, what meeting general aborts or induced labor comes out is fetal undertake dealing with into trash of practise medicine cure, be installed in a bag, straightShanghai noble baby

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Received the rubbish when medicine to be handled. Also some hospitals are a stream of people is fetal should make the sample, undertake cremation.

2, normal to a few blame hospital, or hospital of a few areas, the meeting is direct a stream of people is fetal and indirect bury, perhaps throw into conduit, return somebody to explode even makings say, the doctor of some places is met small fetal and direct should do fertilizer to use.

In fact, chinese law has a regulation, these treat fetal, dead infant according to medical treatment trash, must agree with ability to be handled through the family member, but some moment hospital howeverShanghai noble baby

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Express not to allow a family member to take away fetal.

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Handle means to have a lot of kinds to this kind actually, but no matter be which kind of, it is very cruel. The young lovers that hopes these are young only people, if you did not do the arrival that receives order of child new life good, also do not do these grossly unjust things please, after all this gravity will tell also is a life!

How is the child after stream of people handled?

Shed postpartum to nurse what does the method have?

() nurse commonly

1) threatened abortion patient answers absolutelyShanghai night net

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Lie in bed rests, the part that puts every day object in patient tentacle to be able to be reached facilitates take take.

2) reasonable food, strengthen nutrition, increase strength. Offer easy digestive food and maintain the unobstructed of defecate.

(2) psychology nurses

Comfort patient and family member, explanatory cure and nurse relevant measure, alleviate patient and family member’s needless intense sentiment. Fetal to losing patient, strengthen psychology to raiseForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Hold, help its accept a fact.

(3) gravid cannot continuator nurse

The life style that 1) rigor guards a patient is asked for and complexion; notes vaginal haemorrhage quantity at any time, discover shock sign in time.

2) assists a doctor to make the preparation of operation of good dilatation and curettage, the observes a patient closely life style in the operation is asked for, establish vein channel, do ace art to cooperate mediumly.

Close observation vagina bleeds after 3) art quantity and uterine systole circumstance, if have,different often should reach times to tell a doctor. Follow the doctor’s advice the inject inside flesh shrinks the systole that Gong Su promotes an uterus reduces haemorrhage thereby, blow a group fabric to undertake pathology is checked.

How is the child after stream of people handled?

(4) the symptom nurses

1) is checked each and the operation should undertake aseptic manipulation strictly.

Haemorrhage of convention of the temperature that 2) rigor monitors a patient, blood, vagina and secretion circumstance (the) such as property, color, odour. Discover doctor of the report when affecting sign to should be reached.

3) maintains the cleanness of vulva, daily routine swabs vulva 2 times.

4) is amalgamative the person that affect should lie partly, notice the segregation of bedside, follow the doctor’s advice use antibiotic.